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Benefits of Children Learning Martial Arts

Apart from the obvious health benefits, there are many reasons why children should learn martial arts.


Martial arts will help to teach children the art of self-discipline, restraint and patience.

Setting Goals

Regular belt gradings give students achievable goals and recognition of their hard work, Having a competition or tournament that the children can aim for helps teach them to set goals and understand about winning and losing.

Physical Activity

It encourages them to be more physically active at the same time as improving cognitive skills such as memory and pattern recognition.


Martial arts encourages respect for the teacher and each other. Dojo rules such as the removing of shoes, time keeping and bowing to opponents helps to encourage this.


Listening is key in martial arts as without listening to the instructor they will be unable to complete the move correctly. It teaches listening on a one-to-one basis as well as in a group and demonstrating these skills allows children to progress through the belts.

Increases self-esteem and confidence

When a child passes their grading, or masters a new skill or move it will boost their confidence and give them a real sense of achievement. Each belt they achieve will strengthen their confidence.


It encourages them to be more physically active at the same time as improving cognitive skills such as memory and pattern recognition.

Conflict Resolution

Martial arts encourages self discipline and teaches restraint and self control. It’s does not encourage instigating conflict but the ability to defend oneself from it as a last resort.

Females only Self Defence Classes

Our female only self-defence classes are designed for women aged 12 and over wanting to get fit, lose weight and make friends whilst building their confidence levels as they learn self-defence techniques.
Our classes are a combination of mixed- martial arts as well as techniques to defend oneself against knife and gun attack as well as robbery. Classes focus on avoiding confrontation, and escaping a potentially dangerous situation by using martial arts techniques.
These classes are very popular, and is strictly on a first come basis. Classes are small to allow for peer to peer interaction and to focus on technique.

Classes are run by our Chief Instructor, Sensei John and a female assistant instructor. 

First class Free!!

The first class is always free to see if they like the class. Fees etc will be discussed then if they wish to continue.

Meet your

I am Sensei John Francis,your chief instructor I am dedicated to bringing the art of Wu’ Chi Kwon Do mixed mixed arts to you and your children in a safe and controlled way.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my three new juniors black belts. These are the first black belts awarded by Eagle Eye Wu’Chi Kwon Do Karate UK! It has been a long and hard journey for these students and they have shown determination, dedication and hard work. They have undergone a year of preparation and four months of intense grading tests to get to this point. Our belt award ceremony was held on the 14th of December 2019, and I couldn’t have been more proud of you all. Well done guys, I am immensely proud of you all and hope you continue to be an example to yourselves and others. I look forward to continue working with you all for the coming year and throughout the future. Congratulations once again!! Sensei John

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